How To Insert Micro Sign Or Mu Symbol In Word

micro symbol

Do you want to type the sign “micro” (tiny u with a tab at the bottom left) in a text field or a word processing document but don’t know how?

There is no such thing as a key, and this sign indicates the millionth of the unit before it (10 -6 ). Micrometer -> m = 10 -6 m, or 0.000001 metre, for example. However, you may easily obtain the “micro” sign by pressing the following key combination:

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How To Insert Micro Sign Or Mu Symbol In Word

The letter is widely used in a variety of scientific fields. In statistics, a symbol designates a population means, in physics, coefficient of friction or magnetic permeability, and in measurement, micron or micrometer. Any Latin or Greek letter can be rapidly inserted into a Word document in a number of ways. Some of the most helpful approaches for micro sign or mu letters were proposed in this tip.
There are several ways to put the micro sign or mu letter (also known as the mew symbol) in a Word document:

I.  Using The Symbol Font

This method comes in handy when you just need to insert symbols once in a while, and it only works with Latin or Greek characters.

You can switch to the Symbol font and utilize the matching Latin letters to insert Greek characters at any moment when typing in a Word document:

  1. To change your current font to the Symbol font, press Ctrl+Shift+Q.
  2. Use symbols as if they were regular font (e.g., in Symbol font, keyboard button “a” equals Greek letter “”, keyboard button “b” equals Greek letter “”,…, “l” -> “”, “m” -> “”,…, “w” -> “”, etc.):


II.  Using The Equation:

If you don’t care about the format or compatibility with older versions of Microsoft Office (a suggested strategy for physical science and mathematics, which require a lot of arithmetic in the text with uniform fonts for all equations and symbols), this method is ideal:

  1. To insert the equitation block, press Alt+= in the paragraph where you wish to enter the symbol:
  2. You can type +Name of the letter: in the equitation block to input any letter you need without any further effort.

III.  Using AutoCorrect For Math:

You may not want to insert an equation every time you deal with multiple pages and need to paste a single special symbol. AutoCorrect is a useful function in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect settings offer two ways to swiftly insert any unusual character, such as a micro sign or a mu letter from the Greek alphabet, or even big chunks of text:

Using the AutoCorrect choices’ Replace text as you type function.

The Math AutoCorrect choices are as follows:

You can use the Math AutoCorrect settings without having to insert an equation if you use it this way. To enable or disable Math symbol AutoCorrect, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Options from the File tab.
  2. On the Proofing tab of the Word Options dialogue box, click the AutoCorrect Options… button:
  3. Select the Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of the math regions option in the AutoCorrect dialogue box’s Math AutoCorrect tab.

 IV.  Using A Shortcut Key:

Microsoft Word allows you to assign a shortcut key to the most frequently used features. As a result, you can give the micro sign a shortcut:

  1. Click the Symbol button in the Symbols group on the Insert tab:
  2. Select More Symbols from the drop-down menu…
  3. In the Symbol dialogue box, select

Copy And Paste Micro sign

Another simple approach to get the Micro sign on any PC is to copy and paste, which is my preferred option.
All you have to do is copy the symbol from anywhere (say, a web page or the Windows character map), navigate to where you need the symbol (say, Word or Excel), and press Ctrl+V to paste.
You may copy and paste the symbol into your document by clicking on it below. Simply pick it and press Ctrl+C to copy it, then switch to Microsoft Word, set your insertion pointer where you want it, and hit Ctrl+V to paste it.
Alternatively, you may just click the copy button at the top of this page.

Follow the steps below to copy and paste the Micro sign using the character map dialogue box if you’re using Windows.

Search for Character Map by pressing the Start button. Click on the Character Map app in the search results to open it.


Using The Micro Symbol Shortcut (Mac And Windows)

The Micro Symbol is accessed by pressing [Option] + [M] on a Mac. Use the Alt Code approach for Windows users by holding down the [Alt] key while typing the Micro sign alt code, which is 0181 or 230. To type the alt code, you must use the numeric keypad. Make sure your Num Lock key is turned on as well.
The following is a breakdown of the Mac Micro symbol shortcut:
To type this symbol on a Mac, first place the insertion pointer where you want to type it.
To insert the symbol, press Option + M on your keyboard at the same time.
The Micro symbol shortcut for Windows is broken out as follows:
Place the insertion pointer at the desired location to type on Windows.
Keep the Alt key pressed and held.
To input, the symbol, hold down the Alt key and type 0181 or 230 on the numeric keypad.
Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, these are the methods to type Micro sign in Word or Excel.

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