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moon next to text

If you see a moon icon next to a contact’s name in your Messages app message list, that discussion has Do Not Disturb turned on. As a result, any new messages from that contact will be muted.

You have complete control over whether it is turned on or off. When you don’t want to be bothered with message notifications, this feature comes in handy. Especially if you’re working on a significant project.

However, there’s a chance you’ll miss important interactions that require rapid attention. This might cost a lot of money. Let’s have a look at how to use the functionality on different iOS versions.


Why Is There A Moon Next To A Text on An iPhone?

  • Messages are open.
  • Swipe the moon to the left of the message.
  • To remove the moon, tap the bell icon.
    Our story on the moon next to text message conversations on your iPhone continues below, including how to remove it if you’re running an older version of iOS.

How To Get Rid Of The crescent Moon On iPhone

To open the messaging app, tap it.
With the crescent moon symbol on the left, select the chat or message.
Select the I or “Details” button. It can be found in the upper right corner of your screen.
To view the I button on some iPhones, you’ll have to click on the contact’s name at the top of the message.
Then, to turn it off, drag the “Hide Alerts” toggle to the left. It’s called Do Not Disturb in iOS 10 and earlier.
In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Done.
The crescent moon next to a contact will be removed as a result of this.
Instead of opening the message, swipe it left and tap the bell icon (Hide alerts option) to add or delete the moon sign on text messages.


How To Mute Notifications From A Group Message In iOS

To access the Do Not Disturb/Hide Alerts option for group communications, perform the same steps as above, then flip the button to the right to turn it on.

The messages will be delivered to you, but not the notifications. Furthermore, the other members of the group will be unaware that you have muted the talk.

How To Insert Crescent Moon Symbol Text In Word

In the sections below, I’ll show you how to type or insert this symbol () anyplace on your Windows or Mac computer (such as Word or Excel or PowerPoint).

Method 1: Crescent Moon Symbol Shortcuts (In Word)

Windows has a number of keyboard shortcuts, some of which are only useful in Microsoft Word. One of them is the Moon symbol shortcut.
Only Microsoft Word and Windows are supported by this shortcut.
Follow these instructions to use this shortcut:

  • Put the insertion cursor in the proper location.
  • Press Alt + X after typing 263D on your keyboard. The code (263D) will be converted to the Crescent Moon symbol where the insertion pointer is placed.

I’ll show you how to type the symbol on your keyboard using the Crescent Symbol Text Alt Code in the next step.

Method 2: Crescent Moon Symbol Alt Code (Windows)

Every symbol in Word has its own code, which you may use to put it into your document. This code is known as the “Alt code.”
The methods for typing this symbol on your keyboard (using the Alt code provided above) are as follows:

  • To use the numeric keypad, press the num lock key. On laptops without a numeric keypad, press Fn + NumLock to activate Num Lock.
  • Using the numeric keyboard, press and hold the Alt key while typing 9789.
  • Release the [Alt] key you pressed down after typing the Alt code (i.e. 9789).
  • The Crescent () Symbol Text should show in your document as soon as you release the Alt Key.


Method 3: Copy And Paste Crescent Moon Symbol Text

Copy and paste is my go-to approach for inserting symbols that are difficult to type.
All you have to do using this method is google the symbol you need to type, then copy it from one of the search results. Once you’ve copied and pasted the symbol into your page, you may always recopy and paste it as needed.
To copy and paste the Moon sign text for your work, click the button below.

Method 4: Using Insert Symbol Dialog

This method is more complicated than the shortcut methods. It is, however, very straightforward.
And once you’ve copied and pasted the symbol into your page, you can always copy and paste it again as needed.
The procedures for inserting the Crescent Moon Sign in Word using the insert symbol dialogue are outlined below.
Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu.
Click the Symbol button on the Insert tab and select More Symbols…
The Symbol dialogue box will appear after a few clicks.
In the Font drop-down box on the Symbols tab, type Segoe UI Symbol and select it. All Segoe UI Symbol texts, including the Crescent Moon symbol, should be filtered out.
After selecting the symbol, click the Insert button.
Alternatively, you can put the symbol into your document by double-clicking on it.
Close the window with a click.
Using the insert symbol dialogue in Word, this is how you may insert a Crescent Moon symbol text.

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