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16 Best MyAnimeList Alternatives | Sites like MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList, abbreviated as “MAL,” is an alternative to MangaDex that uses a list-based interface to display the available anime and manga so that you may find new favourites based on your preferences. You need to sign up once to check out the new collection and utilise the intuitive UI to find exactly what you’re looking for. With daily additions, you’ll never be without the most recent episodes from your favourite shows, since the library is always being updated.

Learn about the plot, the actors, the opening and closing themes by reading the provided materials. Live streaming a show in excellent resolution makes it seem like you’re watching it on TV, and the app’s sharing features make it easy to tell your friends about it.

What Is MyAnimeList?

MyAnimeList.net, popularly known as MAL, is an anime and manga social networking app with over 4.4 million anime and 775,000 manga listings. MyAnimeList organises its material into several groups, each with its own set of options. Users of manga and anime may make use of MyAnimeList, which has a list-based interface for organising and ranking their preferred works. You may also find others who share your interests and get hundreds of new titles every day.

When compared to other anime and manga-focused social networking sites, MyAnimeList is in a league of its own. Millions of people all across the globe use My Anime List, making it the biggest database of its kind. MyAnimeList has a simple interface, and registration is not required to view Manga and Anime. However, you’ll need to register with a real name and email address if you want to share your works and participate in the community. You’ll have full use of all features and functionalities after logging in.

MyAnimeList.net is intriguing since it allows users to view anime and manga television episodes for free. Through various online platforms, fans may recommend their favourite books to one another. MAL has daily updates, a user-friendly layout, with 70 distinct categories, a search bar, and much more.

What Qualifies MyAnimeList As An Incredible Animation Service?

A big draw to this site is the abundance of high-quality, free anime and manga TV shows it provides. Favorite titles may be recommended to friends on social media. In addition to its many other useful features, MAL provides users with daily updates, a user-friendly layout, over 70 distinct categories, a search bar, and much more.

MyAnimeList.net used to be a go-to query when looking for places to watch anime and manga online for free. My Anime List is a fantastic website that you should check out. Fans of Japanese animation and comics can find all they need at MyAnimeList.net, including videos, reviews, user access, and discussion forums. You may be certain that it has met every one of your expectations.

Thus, it’s a safe bet that this is a top-tier option. You may filter the list of available videos by genre, rating, studio, and even time of year. Other than being one of the greatest sites for anime movies, there are many other reasons to visit MyAnimeList instead of this one: If you can’t stand using MyAnimeList for any reason, here are some great alternatives.

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Best MyAnimeList Alternatives | Sites like MyAnimeList

There are many more places online where you can view anime and manga than MyAnimeList.

1. Anime-Planet

anime planet

One of the finest ways to have a great time, if not the best time ever, is by checking out Anime-Planet. You may watch any of the more than 4,000 available animation videos without creating an account. If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to MyAnimeList, this is probably your best chance. The site is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and secure on the Internet. Similar to MyAnimeList, you can look for information on manga films and read reviews. Discover the website’s dedicated section for Manga films from Japan. That’s exactly right. When it comes to improving animation, one of the most effective methods is to use robust filters.

2. AnimeStreams


You may find some of the greatest alternatives to MyAnimeList below. There are also many TV programmes available to watch for free on the site. With no membership fees, this is easily one of the top alternatives to MyAnimeList. The app’s simplicity in both appearance and use was a major selling point for us. Including a powerful search function would make it that much more valuable. It’s one of the safest choices available to you. It’s also one of the top options you might go with.

3. Manganelo


Those in search of a bargain on their favourite manga can check out Manganelo. You can locate a tonne of manga that works for you with little effort. There is no signup required to use the service. I see. That’s probably a big part of the appeal for you. Having a simple interface and a wide variety of settings would make it perfect in every aspect. To put it simply, it might easily take MyAnimeList’s position. The ability to easily distribute your manga to others is another plus. Get on that site if you want to see anime in glorious high quality. The fact that this software provides access to great information at no cost is icing on the cake.

4. Mangapark


In the same vein as MangaDex, the newly redesigned Mangapark makes it possible to read millions of manga chapters and anime episodes without paying a dime. There is a vast online community of people who are passionate about manga, and you can join them by picking up a pen and writing your own original manga. It provides filters through which you may search for a certain manga series by author, subject area, or even specific genre.

5. DubbedAnime

dubbed anime

DubbedAnime is among the greatest alternatives to MyAnimeList for watching anime online without paying a dime. Anime viewers may find dubbed and subtitled episodes to watch here on the site. It’s very much like MyAnimeList in that it employs all the core functions and has a user-friendly interface designed to enhance the experience of viewing anime. Additionally, the site has both classic movies and the newest anime episodes, making it one of the best anime streaming sites.

The finest anime series from across the globe may also be found here, sorted by genres including “Action,” “Adventure,” “Horror,” “Love,” and more. You may browse the individual sections at your leisure and access the individual titles anytime you choose. DubbedAnime improves your anime watching experience by providing detailed character descriptions and making it fun to keep up with the action.

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6. 9Anime


Anime lovers love 9Anime for several reasons, including its purple user interface, high-quality videos, and extensive anime library. When it comes to sites like MyAnimeList, 9 Anime is up there with the finest because of the quality of its videos.

The website’s minimalist design makes it easy to find the most recent updates. Even if you don’t know Japanese, you can still watch the episodes on 9Anime since they span so many different genres. The greatest aspect is that there is no cost or commitment involved in watching movies and TV episodes online. Stream2Watch, another famous video streaming service, is a close analogue.

7. AnimeFreak


If you’re looking for an alternative to MyAnimeList, AnimeFreak is a great choice. It’s the next big thing in the anime business since it offers free, high-quality anime episodes and movies. It’s not uncommon to find subgenres devoted to things like romance, suspense, humour, and mysteries. At Anime Freak, you can find all there is to know about anime and manga.

Unlike any other anime streaming service, fresh episodes are always made accessible on Anime Freak. It’s quite simple to get your bearings. TV episodes and series may be browsed and organised in a variety of ways, including by genre. If you like this site, you may thank Rainierland for it.

8. Animelab


The best Japanese anime series, movies, and simulcasts can all be found at Animelab. Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers may all access the site. Anime Lab’s free content has been a huge success, impressing both new and longtime followers of the genre. As of this writing, AnimeLab’s collection comprises 717 shows and movies, with thousands of episodes.

9. 4Anime


There is no doubt that 4Anime is among the best jutsu kaisen alternatives to MyAnimeList for accessing free anime streaming online. It’s a popular site to watch anime online, so you can get the latest shows from a wide variety of categories and in high quality. The greatest part is that it has the finest user experience in its category, so you can easily watch the newest and most popular shows and movies, including season 2 of Parasyte and the animes Hensuki, Zenonzard, Ishzoku, and Parasyte.

10. Nyaa


Nyaa is a great substitute for Horriblesubs since it has a comparable UI, a large database of anime links, daily updates, and much more. The torrent site is widely recognised as the most reliable source for a wide range of material types. With just a few clicks, you can find, watch, and download practically any episode of any anime, from the most recent to the oldest.

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11. GoGoAnime

gogo anime

If you don’t want to spend money on anime, GoGoAnime is a fantastic substitute for demon slayer. Not only that, but there are many episodes accessible just on the internet that can’t be found on the commercial services. This website offers both subtitled and dubbed versions of various TV shows. Furthermore, this platform places a premium on fostering social interactions among its users. You may chat to other people who share your passion for anime and discuss the programmes that you both love. The website has a comment section where users may discuss the films they’ve seen.

12. Netflix


Even if there may be certain times when you have to pay for this service, you will still have access to whatever you need, whenever you need it. Access to the collections, together with continuous updates and new releases, makes the monthly subscription well worth it.

As a user, you have my assurance that you will get nothing but the best. What makes Netflix so great is not only the abundance of anime it provides, but the variety of genres in which they are presented. Shows, films, documentaries, and other media of many genres and formats are all readily accessible. Paying for the service ensures that you will not be subjected to any advertisements or other disruptions. If you want to try out the service risk-free for 30 days, you’ll need to sign up for a free trial.

13. Hulu


Since it is available on several devices, Hulu has quickly become the go-to service for watching movies online. The answer is yes; you can find thousands of critically acclaimed films and television shows, as well as thousands of box office blockbusters, there. This works with any media player or computer system capable of playing digital material.

Hulu is among the most widely used substitutes for MyAnimeList since it provides users with cutting-edge functions and capabilities in a straightforward interface. Moreover, it allows you to watch any film in a wide range of languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, and more.

Alternatively, Hulu may be accessed by anybody anywhere in the world. Enjoy only the best, most critically acclaimed, and award-winning entertainment here. That means new episodes and other programming will be uploaded to Hulu on a regular basis. Hulu is perfect since the stuff it provides is of high quality in both picture and sound. It also offers its customers the finest in audio and video entertainment.

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14. Crunchyroll


Then, we’ll look for the best alternatives to the myanimelist app. Crunchyroll is among the best places to watch Japanese animation online. It includes more than 150,000 hours of Asian animation and over 250,000 total TV episodes. No harmful or illegal materials may be found on this site. There’s a tonne of awesome stuff you can get to with it. If you are looking for an Asian media streaming service, you have found it. The site’s material, including movies, is available in a wide variety of languages and areas. It provides entry to some of the finest apps and media files designed for Android and other mobile devices. In addition to Xbox games, you may use it to play PlayStation titles.

15. AnimeVibe


AnimeVibe’s mission is to introduce more people to the medium by promoting accessible works like Attack on Titan and MyAnimeList. There are around 2,000 series available on this site right now. These series come with both subtitles and dubs, so you may watch the anime in any format you choose.

Indeed, there are a lot of ads on AnimeVibe. It’s not as good as MyAnimeList Manga, but it’s a great alternative if you use an ad blocker. In addition, they are a lively community that welcomes new members.

16. Webtoons


Manga and other forms of visual storytelling may be read and created on webtoons. They’re great for this purpose and among the finest on the web. It’s a great tool for writing and publishing your own manga tale. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in its arsenal of features.

Creating and releasing as many parts of a series or novel as possible is a fantastic method to achieve this. The manga the site has a wide variety of temples to read, which is one of its greatest features. All of the templates are created by a professional team, and you may choose the one you like most to use for your own story. Any one of these is OK to utilise. Create your own HD graphics, complete with custom characters and more. Because of this, the game surpasses all others.


In case you were wondering, there are several online resources where you may watch animated films and videos. Nonetheless, there are other choices if you like a more conventional web design. The aforementioned 34 choices are only a small sampling of MyAnimeList’s extensive collection of great anime. Also, it doesn’t prevent you from using any of your favourite services at the same time. Try using a few different services, such as MyAnimeList, to find the one that works best for you.

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