Pi Symbol Alt Code & Shortcut on Keyboard

pi alt code

There are several methods for placing this Symbol () in your document, one of which is to copy and paste it. This method is straightforward since you can just copy from one document and paste it into as many other documents as you like. However, because we’re looking for ways to type using a keyboard, here’s how to do it:

If you’re using a Windows PC, simply press and hold the Alt key while typing 227 on the numeric keypad part of the keyboard. After releasing the Alt key, the will be inserted into your document. Because all symbols have codes, 227 is the recognized code for pi. This method only works on a Windows PC and is available in all Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

The way to use it varies depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a PC. To insert, press the Option + P buttons at the same time.


Pi Symbol Alt Code & Shortcut On Keyboard

You can type the Pi sign () on any Windows keyboard or PC by using the alt code shortcut. To do so, hold down the Alt key and use the numeric keypad to type the Pi Alt Code (i.e. 227), then release the Alt key.
The Alt Code for the Pi Symbol is 227.
You can also copy and paste this symbol using the button below:
Alt codes are used to type characters that aren’t represented by a particular key on the keyboard. You can input these characters by pressing and holding the Alt key while using the numeric keypad to type the character’s alt code. (227 is the Pi symbol’s alternate code)
If the quick quid above didn’t make sense to you, follow the steps below to type the Pi symbol on a Windows keyboard using this alt code shortcut:
Step 1: Insert your insertion pointer where the symbol has to be typed.
Step 2: On your keyboard, press and hold the Alt key.
Step 3: Using the numeric keypad, type the Pi symbol’s alt code (227) while holding down the Alt key.
Step 4: After typing the Alt code, release the Alt key.
This is how you may type the Pi sign anyplace on your Windows PC, including Microsoft Word, Excel, One Note, Sticky Note, PowerPoint, and even in your browsers like Google Docs or Word Online, using the Alt Code technique.


Pi Symbol Shortcut For Mac

Option + z is the Mac shortcut for the Pi sign. To type this symbol on your Mac keyboard, press and hold the Option key while squeezing the [z] key once.

Pi symbol shortcut In A word

To use this shortcut to type the Pi sign in Word, first input the Alt-x code (03C0) on your keyboard. Then, to convert the number you just typed into the Pi symbol, select it and click Alt + X.
These are the several keyboard shortcuts you can use to type this symbol.
For a more complete explanation of how to obtain this symbol, see here.

More About Alt Codes

In computers running Microsoft operating systems, alt codes are used to enter symbols and characters that do not have a designated key on the keyboard. You can do this by pressing and holding the Alt key while using the keyboard numeric keypad to type the alt code (a number that identifies the character).
To type the Pi Alt code of 227, for example, make sure your NumLock is turned on, then press and hold the alt key while typing the code on the numeric keypad. After that, let go of the Alt key.
Other operating systems, such as Mac OS, have a comparable or extended version of this Alt code capability, which I’ll describe later.


Rules For Using The Pi Alt Code

  • Before inputting the Alt code, you must press and hold the Alt key.
  • To type the alt code, you must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.
  • NumLock must be enabled because you are using the numeric keypad. When the NumLock is turned off, the numeric keypad is disabled, and no numbers can be typed on it.
  • If you’re using a laptop that doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you’ll need to activate the hidden numeric keypad first. On most laptops, you can activate it by hitting the Fan+NmLk buttons at the same time. The hidden numeric keypad is not available on all computers. If this sounds like you, you’ll need to connect an external keyboard with a numeric keypad to utilize the alt code approach to input the Pi sign on your laptop.
  • You should also be aware that, depending on the content you’re working on, not all symbols can be entered using the alt code. Only Microsoft Word can use some of the alt codes. The Pi alt code, on the other hand, works with any Windows application, including text editors, the web, forms, and so on.

Pi Alt Code For Mac

OPTION + P is the Pi alt code shortcut for Mac.
To type on a Mac, follow these steps:

  • To begin, set your insertion pointer where the Pi sign is required.
  • Then, on your Mac keyboard, concurrently hit Option + P.
  • The symbol will be produced by these keystrokes.
  • On the Windows operating system, the alt code way of typing symbols is widely common.

However, how you utilize alt codes on Windows differs significantly from how you use them on a Mac. Most people believe that using alt code shortcuts in Mac is difficult.

The normal Apple keyboard features two alt keys, as you may already know. They’re called Options or have a small “alt” label next to them. The “alt” label is no longer present on some of the newest Apple keyboards, such as the Magic Keyboard. Because the Option key is also the Alt key on the Apple keyboard, it can be utilized as an Alt key in non-Mac programs.

Is this to say you may hold down the Option key while pressing the Pi alt code on your Mac keyboard?

No, that is not the case.

Apple has its own set of rules. Instead of using the alt key with difficult-to-remember number codes like Microsoft Word, they merged the alt key with a few other keys that will help you remember shortcuts.

So, if you’re looking for the Pi Alt code for Mac, it’s OPTION + P, which you may already be familiar with.

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