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Top 30 Most Popular Hunter x Hunter Female Characters

In this article, we are discussing the Top 30 Most Popular HXH Female Characters. One of the most popular and financially successful anime series of all time is Hunter x Hunter. The fact that the program possesses a lot of interesting elements is one of the reasons why it is so engaging. Characters have a lot of depth, an amazing magic system, mind-blowing animation, a significant amount of emotional weight, etc. In spite of this, the focus of the essay that you are about to read will be on only one of the many characteristics.

That wraps up the characters. To be more precise, characteristics of the feminine gender. Whether you agree with it or not, the fact is that an anime will struggle to be successful if it does not have prominent female characters. Thankfully, Hunter x Hunter has a powerful ensemble that is able to successfully amuse a large number of people during each episode. And now, we are going to take a look at the top 30 best female characters in HxH stories!

Top 30 Most Popular Hunter x Hunter Female Characters:

Here is the list of the Top 30 Most Popular HXH Female Characters.

1. Alluka:


Alluka Zoldyck is widely considered to be one of the most well-liked characters throughout the entirety of the franchise. It is well worth it to have received so much love and admiration from the audience. She is the second youngest of all of the Zoldyck siblings, which is fitting given that she comes from the Zoldyck family. In addition, she gives off the impression of being kind and compassionate. But, there are allegations that she had a more darker side to her that simply cannot be ignored. This cannot be the case. It is also stated that she is a girl who can make your desires come true.

And it is precisely what gives her such a unique quality. She spent the better part of her life locked up in a vault, which was unfortunately her only home. It is one of the reasons why she is such an outstanding persona. To be clear, Killua refers to Alluka as a girl. This is important information to note. Nonetheless, the rest of the Zoldyck family treats her as though she were a male since they think she is a guy. For the sake of this list, we shall select Girl.

2. Komugi:


Komugi is another lovable young lady who plays a significant role in both the plot of the show and the program itself. On the other hand, in contrast to the other characters, she is a great deal older than you might anticipate. Gung-gi is a sport that is only performed in Hunter x Hunter, and Komugi is considered to be one of the most talented players in the game. Nonetheless, the intellect that Komugi possesses as a character is portrayed via his participation in that sport.

She was famous for her matches in Gung-gi with Meruem, and her play against him was just as impressive as their previous encounters. It was speculated that Meruem had begun to feel something for her, although this was never proven. Who could say? What we do know is that Komugi steered the performance in an entirely new path both voluntarily and involuntarily by her wandering, and this is what we know. This is the reason why she is present.

3. Krueger Biscuit:

Krueger Biscuit
Krueger Biscuit

The sweetness of her appearance is mirrored in the sweetness of her name. To fall for her deception, on the other hand, would be a grave error of judgment. This is a Krueger Biscuit, to put it another way. She was a noteworthy character in the series because of her ties to the Hunters Association, which is one of the reasons why she was introduced. It is common knowledge that she is an excellent Nen instructor; nevertheless, as I’ve mentioned in the past, you shouldn’t let her fool you.

since it can appear that she is just 12 years old. In fact, though, she is 57 years old. She has much more life experience than you could ever fathom. And her capacity to manipulate others into doing what she wants by lying to them is astounding. While she was at the height of her power, the majority of people had good reason to be afraid of her. Because of her many admirable attributes, Bisky is also deserving of some gems. After all, they are uncommon on their own.

4. Murasaki Shizuku:

Murasaki Shizuku
Murasaki Shizuku

She is not only a moron but also really adorable. Because of this, she stands out significantly in the show. Murasaki Shizuku has a personality that makes her one of the most intriguing and memorable characters in the program. She is also one of the most prominent characters. It is common knowledge that she is a complete and total moron who possesses not even the slightest bit of mental acuity. There is a good reason why other people blush when they look up to her.

Her personality, on the other hand, stands in stark contrast to her prowess in the ring, and this is what makes her even more intriguing. By manipulating her opponents, she is able to successfully take them down. And perhaps most crucially, she is able to conjure up a monster that resembles a vacuum and is capable of sucking whatever is contained within it. She is able to put up a difficult battle against her adversaries by utilizing her power. And it is precisely what gives her such a unique quality.

5. Komachine Machi:

Komachine Machi
Komachine Machi

Her appearance could remind you of anything from another anime. Yet, she has a personality that fits in extremely well with the spirit of Hunter x Hunter. This is because she has a low body temperature. It is common knowledge that she is one of the most remarkable people associated with Genei Ryodan. And it appears like our lad Hisoka happens to be interested in her.

Machi had an effect not only on the characters but also on the spectators, however, it is impossible to be certain about Hisoka, and thus this statement cannot be made with absolute certainty. She is known to use her Nen for weaving threads that can heal, which further broadens the scope of what she is capable of. Because of this skill, she is a figure that is able to care for the injured while also having the ability to accept her own injuries without showing any emotion.

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6. Pakunoda:


One of the most helpful characters over the entirety of the series beyond a shadow of a doubt. Pakunoda is a girl who has been neglected by the fanbase and requires more love and care from them. She is noted for her links with Genei Ryodan, which contribute to her reputation as a self-assured lady. In addition to this, it is reported that she holds the 11th spot in the Phantom Troupe when it comes to the physical strength rankings.

Because of this, you can have full confidence that Pakunoda will put up fierce resistance if she chooses to do so. Her strength does not lie in the arena, though. Intelligence is what it is. Because of her skills, she is able to elicit any and all information from any person. She is able to effortlessly uncover even the most concealed of your thoughts and bring them to light. She will not break a sweat doing it. That’s what makes Pakunoda so wonderful.

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7. Canary:


She is a sweet young child, but the fanbase could show her more love and support. Canary is a Zoldyck family servant and has been with the family for a significant amount of time. She and the Zoldycks share a close relationship. Killua treats her like a friend. Despite this, she has a limited perspective, which leads her to assume that they are incompatible as friends.

It’s possible that this is due to the fact that Killiua’s mother is too protective of him and won’t allow anybody to get near to him. After all, Killua is a member of the Zoldyck family, and as a member of that family, she is obligated to serve that family. As a result, rather than being a friendship, this will be a relationship of master and servant. Nonetheless, that notion is refuted in a short amount of time. She is rumored to have had a few memorable cameos in the program, including ones in which she appeared with Gon and other characters. She’s such a kind and lovable person to look at.

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8. Palm Siberia:

Palm Siberia
Palm Siberia

Her tale is so heartbreaking that it will make you shed some tears. Because of this, she occupies such a high position on this list. Due to the fact that she is connected to Gon in some way, Palm Siberia is one of the most remembered characters in the episode. She attempts to get closer to him since she is interested in him, but her efforts are ultimately unsuccessful.

Because she is Knov’s apprentice, she has a lot of opportunities to have adequate screen time and grows in popularity as a result of these opportunities. In addition to that, the way she looks draws a lot of people’s attention to her. Most of the time, it is just a frizzy appearance that she does not care about at all. On the other hand, when she actually gives attention to her appearance, a whole other person emerges. A stunning individual that you just cannot disregard.

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9. Senritsu:


She is a member of Neon’s personal security detail. On the other hand, she is far more charitable and modest than the others. It wasn’t until later in the program that it was clarified that she is, in fact, a female, which confused a lot of the spectators at first. Senritsu is a figure whose name has been altered from one translation to the next despite the fact that she is renowned for her exceptional talent in music.

She was given the name Senritsu when she was first born but later changed her name to Melody. Her charisma is really endearing, and it enables others to feel confident and secure in their own skin. In the episode, it was noted by Leorio that Kurapika, a character who is constantly on with his poker face, actually did happen to open up to her. Leorio mentioned this fact in the context of the show. Because of this, Melody or Senritsu is a very important character in the narrative. She is capable of doing things that others are unable to do.

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10. Ponzu:


She was another one of the examinees who happened to be there while the Hunter Exam was being given. She is considered to be one of the show’s most famous female characters. In addition to that, her personality helps her stand out even more. She was a valiant fighter who was able to work her way through the test to some of the more advanced stages. Because of this, she played an important role in the story for a considerable amount of time.

Do you notice the large yellow hat perched on top of her head? I checked, and you’re right, that’s where her weapon is. And with the use of that weapon, she dispatches the vast majority of her adversaries. Those are killer bees, and they will sting anyone who dares to raise their hand against her. This is another reason why Ponzu is such an interesting character in the anime. Fans had a great deal of fun watching her even though she is just a supporting role in the show.

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11. Menchi:


Menchi is the next candidate on our list as we return to the second stage of the Hunter Examinations. She is one of the two judges from the second stage who arrived and assessed the performance of all of the contestants, and she is the one who appeared in this round. Her test consisted of preparing a piece of sushi and ensuring that she had a chance to sample it before turning it in. And that is it.

Nonetheless, the fact that this was the only approach she used to determine the flavor was sufficient to let her know whether or not a character qualified. And it was what set Menchi apart from the other competitors to such a great extent. She was an interesting person who was able to garner a lot of attention from fans because of her bizarre yet intriguing choice of contestants. She was a notable individual.

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12. Freecss Mito:

Freecss Mito
Freecss Mito

It’s possible that the last name will ring some bells. And I know that is just what you are considering. They call her Gon’s mum. On the other hand, she is not his biological mother. Instead, Mito is Ging’s cousin and Gon’s adoptive mother. Gon was given up for adoption by Mito. Because of this, there does not appear to be a very strong bond between her and Ging. And the reasoning for this is that she just did not desire Ging to go in the first place.

And that is it. After all, there is nothing that will hurt you more than watching your family depart without ever coming back. Because of this, Mito was opposed to the idea of Gon becoming a hunter as well. Because she was a witness to what took place with Ging. And she would want that not to happen again under any circumstances. Because of this, Mito Freecs became one of the most memorable characters in the series.

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13. Yorkshire Cheadle:

Yorkshire Cheadle
Yorkshire Cheadle

In the world of Hunter x Hunter, Yorkshire Cheadle is yet another figure that has a place of great significance. She is without a doubt one of the most talented Hunters that this series has ever witnessed. Then Chairman Netero came to the conclusion that she should be a Zodiac. Plus, her talents as a Hunter are absolutely incredible. She is one of the very few people in the program to have been promoted to the position of Triple Hunter, making her one of the rarest persons in the competition.

And the catch with Triple Hunter is that only the very finest hunters may get this rating. Only the very best hunters can achieve this rank. Because of this, Yorkshire Cheadle has quickly become one of the show’s most well-liked and respected characters. As a fierce combatant, she is every bit as spectacular as one could anticipate. After all, she is the one who Netero himself has decided to choose.

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14. Nostrade Neon:

Nostrade Neon
Nostrade Neon

Neon is a member of the Nostrade family, hence his blood runs through our veins. She is the famed Nostrade boss’s daughter. Her father ran the company for many years. As a result, she is in a position to wield a significant amount of authority. Because of this, she is able to have a significant amount of screen time throughout the series. She is quite a bit more dangerous than you might anticipate a girl of her age to be due to the fact that she possesses a few qualities that set her apart in this regard. It’s a hobby of hers to collect various body parts. Indeed, they are genuine components of the body.

As someone who was born into a wealthy household, I can understand why someone might be drawn to this type of attractiveness. But, this does not change the reality that this one adoration makes her a great deal more dangerous and critical of the people who have to deal with her. In addition to this, her Nen talents are extraordinary, which only serves to give even more value to her personification as a whole.

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15. Baise:


She was dispatched to serve in the capacity of a guard for our prior admission. It is possible that this is the reason why she is such a powerful figure. Baise, who is a member of the Manipulation group, is the one who has been tasked with the responsibility of looking after Neon. On the other hand, rather than the conventional approaches, she employs an alternative strategy in order to achieve her goals.

She has the power to subjugate whomever she kisses. Once she gives them a kiss, the men are willing to do anything for her. After that, she beats them up and records both their acts and their responses on film. Soon enough, it becomes clear to us that this man is inevitably going to use these films to make those men appear guilty, and then finally use them to force those men to confess the truth or extract information from them. Such a helpful method I must say.

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Here is the list of the Top 30 Most Popular HXH Characters.

16. Piyon:


She was commonly referred to as “Rabbit” in her tea. And I believe the way she presents herself is fairly illustrative of that fact. Piyon is a supporting character in the program who does not get a significant amount of screen time due to the nature of his role. Yet, due to the fact that she is a Paleographer Hunter as well as a member of the Zodiacs, she has garnered a great deal of respect and admiration.

As if all of that recognition wasn’t enough for her, she is also a member of a group that has been tasked with protecting the Dark Continent. This is the reason why Rabbit or Piyon is significant from a narrative perspective, in addition to the fact that she possesses a lot of positive attributes. On the other hand, we have not seen any high-octane activity coming from her side yet, so let’s wait for that to take place.

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17. Hina:


She is a Chimera Ant, which is a character in the show. And they referred to themselves as Hagya’s Squad. In addition to this, she has a very amazing position within her team. In particular, she serves as the Captain of the Hagya Squad at the moment. There is another reason why Hina should be included on this list. In addition to this, her demeanor and look are consistent with those of a little girl.

In light of the fact that she is a Chimera Ant, this is an even more intriguing development. But, well, we can’t judge people based on their appearance, right? In addition to that, as the show goes on, we see her hanging out with Leol and Flutter a growing number of times. And as a direct result of it, her teams achieve an even higher level of vitality. Interesting fact: her original name was going to be Hirin before it was changed to Hina.

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18. Leroute:


You must not even entertain the idea of going up against her. She messes with people’s heads. And it’s incredible to watch how she accomplishes that. After all, she spent a significant portion of her prime studying Psychology. So, she was in the fortunate position of having a vast amount of information regarding the art of manipulation and mental torture, which she could employ against her adversaries to coerce them into giving up the fight.

In addition to this, it is widely believed that Leroute possesses one of the most impressive intellects of any of the characters. This is one of the many reasons why she is such a challenging adversary. Should she make the decision to do harm to another person, she will do so without breaking a sweat. The fact that she is capable of driving individuals to take their own lives also elucidates something, doesn’t it? Because of this, she is present here.

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19. Spinner Clow:

Spinner Clow
Spinner Clow

Spinner Clow, sometimes referred to by her nickname Spin, was one of the supporting characters in the program who appeared on screen for a very little portion of the total running time. She has the appearance of a little girl, but she actually works as a hunter for monsters and is part of a group. Kite was selected to take the role of team leader for the group that was going to investigate Kakin. The group’s intended mission was to investigate Kakin.

In spite of this, Spin was able to draw attention to herself throughout her portion due to the fact that she is pretty gorgeous. But, what is most crucial to note is that her appearance is rather captivating, as she is sporting a straightforward hat, pink hair, and blue eyes in addition to the other things going on for her. A decision made during the creation process of a character in the Hunter x Hunter series that placed a strong emphasis on emulating human existence. This is the reason why she is so well-known.

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20. Asta:


She does not hail from the town of Black Clover. She is a supporting character in the Hunter x Hunter series who was assisting in the efforts to thwart Gensuru and its crew. In addition to this, she was the one who imposed a significant limitation on the series. Those who have a card collection of more than 50 will be the only ones permitted in. In addition, by establishing this limit, she was able to exclude a significant number of potential candidates from consideration throughout the search.

In addition to this, she meets our two major characters, Gon and Killua, as she is going through this procedure. There, she treats the two of them as if they were still children and ignores them as much as they possibly can. But things go in a different direction than expected, and Killua winds up fooling her and gaining access to a wealth of knowledge about Gensuru through the use of rare and precious cards. In the grand scheme of things, she was a very little yet significant figure.

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Here is the list of the Top 30 Most Popular HXH Characters.

21. Reina:


The queen was the one who ended her life. Despite this, she was still able to carve out a reputation for herself despite the challenging circumstances. It is what gives Reina her unique quality. She is a young character in the program and is one of the main ones. To be more exact, she has only five years under her belt. And she is considered to be Kurt’s sister. Despite this, the Queen sent her as one of the earliest human victims she had dealt with.

The series also takes on a new and more sinister appearance as a direct result of this occurrence. She is notorious for having a significant impact on a character named Colt, but unfortunately for her, that is not the end of her woes. At a later point in the story, it was revealed that Shidore was one of Hina’s subordinates. And Shidore is really really Reina’s resurrection as a Chimera. Indeed, it’s a complete disaster.

22. Zoldyck Kikyo:

Zoldyck Kikyo
Zoldyck Kikyo

Another member of the family comes from the Zoldyck branch. On the other hand, it is pretty unlikely that she will show up in the series. She is a very mysterious figure due to the fact that her face is obscured despite the fact that she has been mummified. She is Killua’s mother and she was hurt during the tragedy that took place. To be more explicit, the event in which Killua harms her when he was attempting to flee the scene.

Yet, she took great delight in her accomplishment. It appears that her attention is solely directed at Killua. And it’s remarkable to see how attached she is to him. In addition to this, she has proven herself to be a lady of value and distinction throughout her career as a killer. And as things are right now, her one and only wish is for Killua to grow up to be a great assassin and eventually take over the family company. Because Killua is so powerful, accomplishing this goal won’t provide any kind of challenge at all.

23. Abe:


It is possible that she appears to be nothing more than a crone to you. She is a lady. Yet, the way in which she interacts with one of our primary characters is fascinating. The elderly woman known as Abe is a person who has ties to none other than our young man Gon. To be more exact, she is the individual who is mentioned as being Gon Freecs’ Great Grandmother.

In addition, it has been established within the narrative of the series that she does, in point of fact, belongs to the Freecs lineage in some kind or another. In the anime that aired in 2011, she did not have a very significant role in the plot or in anything else. On the other hand, she was undeniably a character who was appreciated by people who enjoyed the connections that were put across the entirety of Hunter x Hunter.

24. Amane:


It is good knowing that she works for the Zoldyck family. In spite of this, she is far more concentrated and committed to her work than you may think she is. Amane is one of the supporting characters in the program who makes an appearance when it is relevant to the Zoldyck storyline. The fact that she has straight hair and always appears to be in a solemn mood lends credence to the notion that she is a figure who is deserving of the adoration and consideration of the audience.

On the other hand, we have not yet witnessed her accomplish something truly wonderful for the story. She has always been a reserved woman, right up until this moment. On the other hand, there is a possibility that she will become an increasingly hazardous individual as time goes on. And this is the reason why she should be included on our list.

25. Eeta:


Eeta is one of the most memorable characters in the program since he is the one who was responsible for making Greed Island what it is today. You might already be aware of this, but Eeta is short for the letter “E” in GREED. As a consequence of this, she makes a significant impact on the operation of that location as a whole. In addition to that, it is well known that she excels in a particular significant activity.

The mission entails luring individuals away from the real world and onto Greed Isle. This is part of the scene in which she has the most screen time. But after that, Eeta has something really essential to say to our son Gon, and I won’t spoil anything for you. An audio recording To be more explicit, Gon’s father, Ging, was the one who left the tape for his son. And in those moments when she does so, she exudes a presence that is noticeably more animated.

26. Zazan:


You can tell she is not a typical human being just by taking a glance at her physical appearance. A Chimera Ant, that is what she is. And due to the fact that she is a Chimera Ant, she is a terrifying opponent in combat situations. One of the commanders of the Squadron in the show is a guy named Zazan who is notorious for posing a danger to a number of other characters in the program.

Throughout the course of the program, she faced up against a number of formidable adversaries, including Feitan, but she was ultimately defeated by him. The most significant point to take away from this is the fact that Zazan’s design is a great deal more intriguing than you may anticipate it to be. Take a look at the way she’s mixed pink and purple in her color scheme. It lends her an appearance that is both dangerous and intimidating while maintaining her femininity, which draws everyone’s attention.

27. Amana:


Amana is a member of Asta’s team and she is here with us. She is one of the show’s recurring supporting characters, and she made an appearance during the Greed Island storylines. In addition to that, she was one of the contestants who were successful in gaining the interest of the spectators. Yet, because she had a supporting role, she did not have as remarkable of a performance as the other characters did.

Despite this, she continued to get a lot of attention as she worked to improve her chances of winning. Because life on the Greed Islands was so difficult, only the strongest and most capable individuals managed to make it through. Because of this, Amana was unable to have a smooth experience while traveling through it. After all, she is merely a little girl with an appearance consistent with that of a youngster. There is no way to avoid encountering challenges.

28. Loo Coco:

Loo Coco
Loo Coco

She is another of the supporting characters in the program, although she does contribute to the show in some way. On the other hand, in the larger scheme of things, she is nothing more than a beauty model for anime. Loo Coco is the tour guide that was accompanying Gon and his colleagues during their journey. To be more explicit, she was the one who led them to the testing gate while they were on the bus thanks to the fact that she was the tour guide.

Her look is pretty amazing. Not only does she seem stunning as a character, but she is also a lady who is created to look desirable even to the other characters that are part of the story. Because of this, she is in a category all by herself, apart from the other characters in the series in any way whatsoever.

29. Elena:


About Eeta, we had our discussion. It is now the turn of her identical twin sister, Elena. She is a member of the Eleven and contributed to the creation of the Greed Isle. The name Elena is spelled with an “E” in GREED. Because of this, we are able to comprehend how important she is to the progression of the plot. She spent most of her time as a heartless and one-dimensional persona whose sole purpose was to lure individuals from the real world to Greed Isle.

Because of this, she is remarkably comparable to her identical twin sister. But there was this one thing that happened to him where he felt happy, and that’s what made her a little bit different. In the story, she experiences joy whenever Gon recalls her name, and this is a recurring plot point. This occurrence contributed yet another dimension to her character.

30. Cocco:


Have you forgotten about Heaven’s Arena? Indeed, she served in that capacity as the pundit at that location. Because of this, she plays a significant role in the narrative. She was the one who took care of all the speeches prepared for the event that was hosted at Heavens Arena, and she was successful in making the crowd laugh and get psyched up with her remarks.

Cocco is a character whose sense of style is spot on, as seen by the fact that she has orange hair and wears an outfit with a typical Hunter x Hunter motif. In addition, her appearance is pretty intriguing, as she has a very distinctive look. The fact that she works as a pundit despite her sunny disposition and high level of energy is indicative of the kind of person she is. Overall, a wonderful addition to the cast of supporting characters for the series.

Final Words:

So, guys here are the Top 50 Most popular HXH Characters. The following are some of your favorite zombie anime seasons. Since I care about your success, I’ve written this with that intention in mind. Whether you have comments or questions, you may drop them down below.

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