What Does Obj Mean On Facebook

what does obj mean

OBJ is a Unicode “object replacement character” that is used as a text placeholder for an otherwise unspecified object in Facebook posts. It signifies OBJ is a stand-in for a character that can’t be shown on your screen.

So you’ve written something on Facebook, perhaps something joyful, and accompanied it with a cute little emoji to emphasize your point. However, when you go to check your new post on your phone, you notice that your lovely emojis are missing. In their place, you’ll find unsightly small dashed boxes with the letters ‘OBJ’ inside.

As you navigate through your feed, you see that other people’s posts have similar boxes. Some of your pals are able to see them, while others are unable to. So, what’s going on here.

We’ll explain what OBJ on Facebook posts is and everything you need to know about it in this article.


What Is OBJ On Facebook Posts?

OBJ, which appears on Facebook postings as [OBJ], may appear to be a strange acronym, but it’s simply short for “object.” Meanwhile, the sign [OBJ] is known as an “object replacement character.”
The truth is that everything you see on a website is an ‘object.’ When you see [obj] on Facebook posts or even Instagram posts (notice that this isn’t a reason why your IG post didn’t get posted), it simply implies that a specific object can’t be displayed on the screen. In other words, in Unicode, OBJ is only a placeholder.
Unicode, or the Universal Code of Character Sets, is a representational standard for millions of different symbols. It combines all common symbols, including emojis, to create a single reference for all characters that can be used on the internet.
It was established so that computers may communicate effortlessly with one another, regardless of the language they are using.

Why Do You See OBJ On Facebook?

Now is an excellent time to ask yourself, “How could this happen?” Wasn’t Unicode created specifically to avoid situations like this?

That’s correct. You’re not meant to be looking at OBJ. This symbol usually appears when the software you’re using doesn’t know how to display a character from another program. That is why it is referred to as an “object replacement character.” Because the software is unsure how to display a given object, it substitutes a placeholder.

When iPhone users utilize dictation to compose their comments or posts, this problem is most common. It’s essentially a software problem: the Apple translator encodes characters that the platform you’re using, Facebook, doesn’t yet know how to show.


There Can Be Three Reasons For This:

1) Software Bug

If you’re certain you’ve used Android smartphones to submit and see these OBJ boxes, then you’re out of luck — your program may contain flaws. The character or image must have been corrupted somewhere because of the way you used emojis or lines in your Instagram caption.
It’s possible that your Facebook app has a glitch, or that your software’s font libraries are out of date. To see if the problem is resolved, try updating the program or your device’s OS.

2) Apple Updating Their Emoji Library

Apple releases a slew of new emojis on a regular basis. Other software, particularly on Android, is sometimes simply not up to level with Apple. After all, only iOS users with an updated character library will be able to see the new emoji.

3) Using Voice-To-Text Function On iPhone

This problem occurs most frequently when iPhone users utilize dictation to compose comments or articles. This is really a technical problem: the Apple translator encodes characters that the platform you’re using, Facebook, doesn’t yet know how to show.


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